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    1. With over 30 years experience producing a wide range of fancy yarns, the Best Leader group has evolved and developed to earn their international reputation focussing on quality fashion-driven yarns.

      We aim always to combine globally sourced animal and natural fibres and specialise in quality wool and alpaca blends created with the latest technology to produce high-tech woollen-spun and worsted-spun yarns that range from the finest gauges with counts of 1/28nm & 1/32mn to lofty chunky yarns. With each new season Best Leader creates a contemporary range that is big on aesthetics and superior hand-feel and are often recognised as leading fashion knitwear trend directions. Our new collection includes stylish ranges of mohair, alpaca and elastane yarns ranging from 1/2.6nm to 1/18nm, which have been developed with, fit, recovery, performance and customer needs in mind. Service and reliability are paramount to building the long-term relationships we value across the breadth of the fashion knitwear industry and which we work hard to maintain and build.

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